About us

Even during early stages before the dawn of civilization, man was able to communicate his thoughts and ideas through a message on palm-leaves in our blessed land, that served the purpose of paper and a sharp needle like instrument known as 'stylus' played the role of pen. With the rapid growth of technology, we have presently entered into a new era, wherein myriad varieties of ball-point pens with sophistication and more writing comfort are under manufacture and distribution. This has opened up a new vista for the elimination of illiteracy among the masses all over the world. Truly, the world has recognized the unique position that the Pen Industry occupies among others. Many countries have vied with one another to make an all out effort to preserve and protect the image of the pen Industry.

THE TAMILNADU PEN MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS ASSOCIATION, the sole representative body for those dealing in pen, stationery and Gift Items in the Whole state of Tamil Nadu, came into existence during the year 1983. Its career graph, since then has been on a steady rise and to-day, it is functioning as an active forum for the fulfillment of aspirations of all its members and many a time, it has acted decisively to highlight the grievances of the Industry before the powers that be for an effective redressal of all their grievances.

Our Association is conducting regular Trade fairs. We brought out a Membership Directory-cum- souvenir in 2014 with the photos of all our members, together with all other details, such as email, full address, Tin number etc,.

We have as on date around 400 members on our rolls and with our bringing out a commemorative Souvenir during the year 2014, many from not only Tamil Nadu but also those leading manufacturers from other leading cities of the country, have joined our stream. We keep our doors open for those connected with stationery stream as well, so that we can together talk on our activities in a broader perspective, so that our whole Industry will reach out our Customers in fulfilment of our aim.